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From childhood, I've been writing in one form or another. Starting with poems, stories, and even a magazine as a junior high English project, I now write in whatever form I like.

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2004 12 31 23.00.00 203 article

Revisiting Batching Days | Live the Freelance Life

I first discussed batching days back in September, for International Batching Day. I had pretty lofty goals that day, and I met them. I was pretty darn proud of myself.

As per my goals for this year, I’m revisiting the idea of batching days. You see, I’ve decided to implement a new productivity technique and stick with it. I decided, since I did so well on the batching day last year, I’d use that technique. I already know what to do.

20170118 174652 article

Starting to Organize/Live the Freelance Life: And Live it Well

As per my theme word for 2017, I’ve begun to organize things. I wanted to get the drawers done first because there were things I needed and couldn’t find, and other things I didn’t need to keep.

I cleared everything out and wiped the drawers down with a disinfectant wipe, then began putting everything I wanted to keep back, in a more organized way.

20161229 124127 article

Fun Personal Projects for Freelancers: Easy Desk Decorations for WinterLive the Freelance Life: And Live it Well

Usually, the projects I post here are at least somewhat related to writing. But not today. These easy desk decorations for winter will spruce up your desk and leave it feeling a little more cozy.

And why not? We can be creative in more than one way. Why not let our creativity shine through by crafting and doing things other than writing.

20161229 133346 article

2017 Theme Word: Organize/Live the Freelance Life: And Live it Well

I’ve done theme words or phrases the past four years: Prepare, Be Creative, Simplify, and Courage. I was pretty darn successful at each of these, and have decided I like theme words and goals better than resolutions. They work for me.
My 2017 theme word is:

And boy do I need it! I’m not just talking about my writing life, either. I need to find ways to organize the room I rent to make it feel more cozy and tidy; more homey. I’m planning on a year of organizing everything I possibly can, from home to personal stuff to business.

It should all keep me pretty busy.

As for organizing my writing life, I want to:

2005 01 01 00.00.00 48 article

New Year Goal: Stop Multitasking/Live the Freelance Life: And Live it Well

Sadly, I’ve done this far too much. Been in the middle of so many things that I’ve lost track of where I was, or completely forgotten some of the things I was supposed to be doing. Only to look at my multiple lists later on and realize I hadn’t accomplished some of the things I was supposed to do that day.

Not fun, especially when you have to then turn around and finish those things, even though you thought you were done.

2004 12 31 23.00.00 645 article

5 Steps to Help You Relax This Holiday SeasonLive the Freelance Life

Many of us work more than we should, and some of us are holding down another job while building a freelance career. On top of that we have family, friends, and home responsibilities, and we’re getting ready for the holiday season.

Often we end up wearing ourselves out, possibly getting sick in the process.

2004 12 31 23.00.00 332 article

4 Keys to Success in the New Year/Live the Freelance Life

There are other things I found I needed to do this past year in order to successfully get things done.

I needed to stay motivated, and this motivation had to come from within myself. I had to keep that momentum going if I was ever going to accomplish things. But it was not always easy...

2005 01 01 00.00.00 64 article

Wrapping Up Last Year & Planning for Next Year/Live the Freelance Life

It’s the time of year when I begin reflecting on what I’ve accomplished and what goals I never got to, among other things. You’ll notice goal planning, Yule, Christmas, and New Year posts coming up on the Facebook page, and those will help you to get started on the coming year. If you haven’t already joined the page, now is an excellent time to do so. You wont want to miss anything.

Let me ask you something: Have you started the process of reflecting and planning yet?

If you have, good for you! Maybe this post will help you to gain more insight.
If you have not, then this post will definitely help you along your way.

Grab a notebook and a pen, and let’s get started with these ideas. Oh, and if you want to get more creative, feel free to doodle, color, add stickers, or do whatever you want. You are making a planning notebook, and we are creative souls!

Reflection: One of the first steps in planning is reflection.

Take a few days to reflect on the current year, and start a page in your notebook for these reflections. It’s okay to use more than one page for this. What big goals have you met so far? What little goals have you met? Don’t worry if you haven’t accomplished something important, there is still time. Or you can always move that item to next year.

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Why I Wrote for Examiner.com - Live the Freelance Life

While my main goal is to be earning a full living from my writing at some point, money is not the only reason I write. I also write to help others. By getting information out to people who may need it, I feel like I’m contributing to a greater good.

2004 12 31 23.00.00 495 article

Batching Days - Live the Freelance Life

Because I have been so busy publishing eBooks as of late, I haven’t gotten to other things on my to-do list. Today is the day I’m catching up on these things, before I begin my tw0-double weekend at the Inn. I like to feel that I’m accomplishing enough in my writing before I go back to work, then I can do smaller writing-related tasks during my downtime at work. I’m lucky enough to have a front desk job, and a boss who lets me write while there – if there is time.

My goals are listed below, and I’m more than half done. This blog post is actually part of my goals list.

2004 12 31 23.00.00 203 article

It's Time to Prep for NaNoWriMo - Live the Freelance Life

… but I wont be joining in this year. I didn’t last year, either. Why?

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Why Taking a Break Never Fails - Live the Freelance Life

I might go all day, forgetting to eat and exercise. Forgetting to relax. Other times, I work so many days in a row, that, even though I’m breaking for meals and walks, I never feel rested. On these days, I’m generally working from the time I get up until late at night.

Why Taking a Break Never Fails by Shannon L. Buck http://livethefreelancelife.comOur brains need a break from mental work, just as our bodies need a break from physical work. When we are exhausted from mental or physical work, our bodies let us know. We start making silly mistakes, getting cranky, and feeling overwhelmed.

No one wants those types of things to happen, so It’s best to give ourselves a break.

2004 12 31 23.00.00 502 article

Top 10 Ways to Get Things Done - Live the Freelance Life

I have a confession to make. I’m not always the most organized person, though I am trying to get better at all the organizational stuff. It takes time, through trial and error, for some of us to pull of organized, and I’m learning new things each year.

I’ve spent a lot of time simplifying, which has been a great help.

Winner 2014 square button article

Are You a NaNoWriMo Rebel? - Live the Freelance Life

I’ve been doing some reading on the NaNoWriMo site, even though I’m not planning to join the fun this year.

Why? Because I’m curious.

About what? Their official stance on writing nonfiction rather than fiction for the challenge.

You see, I’ve been toying with the idea of using the challenge to write a work of nonfiction, but in previous years I’ve seen where a few fiction writer’s have come down hard on nonfiction writers for even suggesting such a thing. Yikes!

2005 01 01 00.00.00 38 article

Is it Time to Reevaluate Your Goals/Live the Freelance Life: And Live it Well

At the end of each year, I write down the things I hope to accomplish throughout the next year. Usually, I go overboard. Way overboard. And I rarely accomplish even half of what I want. I did the same for 2016 but, for some reason, I seem to be completing far more of my goals. Maybe I’m just really ready to get things done at this point in my life.

And because I don’t put enough on my goals list each year (Oh, the sarcasm.), my brain also spits other ideas out to me throughout the year. I end up with even more goals; more things to do.