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From childhood, I've been writing in one form or another. Starting with poems, stories, and even a magazine as a junior high English project, I now write in whatever form I like.

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Transitioning from 2016 to 2017 | Shannon L. Buck, Author

A writing career and the ability to work from home means I’ll be able to choose when I work, among other things. My goals are to create balance between work, family, and other parts of my life, and this means I want to take the holidays off (for the most part).

What do I mean by ‘for the most part’?

I realize there are going to be some parts of the business that will have to be done during the holidays, but I want to be able to put most of it aside and concentrate on a few things:

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How do I Get My Writing Ideas - Shannon L. Buck, Author

ny way possible, of course. Which can mean anything, right? Some of my stories come from dreams. I certainly have messed up dreams sometimes. Don’t we all? I take what I can remember and create stories. Sometimes I like the outcome and decide I want to publish it.

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Organizing Story Ideas - Shannon L. Buck, Author

I’ve been busily working on a few different stories. When I run out of ideas for one story, I move on to another, etc., etc. I go back to a story when I have fresh ideas. Sometimes later that day, other times maybe not for a week or so. When I feel like I already have enough stories going, but don’t know what to do with them, I go through my writing prompts journal.

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Writing Prompts for Thanksgiving - Shannon L. Buck, Author

Autumns seems like a new beginning. This season of change opens new possibilities for each of us, and always gives me ideas for new writing projects. I wanted to a share post from my other site that lists prompts for Thanksgiving.

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Shannon L. Buck, Author

Shannon L. Buck is the author of the Camp Series and other stories. She loves writing, and sharing her works with you.

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