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From childhood, I've been writing in one form or another. Starting with poems, stories, and even a magazine as a junior high English project, I now write in whatever form I like.

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Raising My Girls Alone, Part 2 – Single Mom Family

In Raising My Girls Alone, Part 1, I talked about how four strong women helped me to raise Skye and Zowie, and how grateful I am to each of those women. But they were not the only people who were there for us. We had a bit wider support system. We also had my father …

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Raising My Girls Alone, Part 1 – Single Mom Family

Skye's father was not in the picture. I don't say this in any negative way. They have a relationship now that she is an adult, and that is the important thing. I fully support them and am grateful that he is in her life now. Zowie's father was there until he passed away when she …

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Why I Homeschooled My Daughters – Single Mom Family

My daughters, like all children, started their education at home. They went to daycare, and even head start for a while. Then they transitioned into public school. The first year for Skye was great, but things went downhill from there and I ended up taking both girls out of public school and started teaching them …

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Plans for the Single Mom Family Blog – Single Mom Family

These are my plans for Single Mom Family:

Go through all the old articles, editing what I intend to place on this blog so I can get them back out for all the single moms to read.
While going through all those old articles, I’m putting many aside for projects like:
an eCookBook for single mom families
I’ll be editing and adding new materials to each.
Writing blog posts from a fresh perspective...

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Introducing My Family! – Single Mom Family

I can’t wait for their visits at Yule and just before Christmas this year. We celebrate both sabbats and holidays in our family.

The feature photo for this blog post is one of me when I was a little girl. I loved that dress, from what I’m told . I do remember the swing set in the background.

Now I want to introduce you to the most important people in my life. You’ll be hearing a lot about them on this blog, so I figure you might as well know who they are. In no particular order, they are: